of the energy used by LED transforms to light

x longer LED lights last than incandescent bulbs


Up to % of costs covered by govt rebates

Why use LED lighting?

Quite simply, it’s all about savings – savings when it comes to energy and maintenance costs and the environment.

In a nutshell, LED lights are far more efficient than regular incandescent light bulbs. Upfront costs for purchase and installation of LEDs are more when compared to an incandescent lighting. However, you can easily recoup the expense over time due to the following:

  • The replacement and maintenance cost of LED bulbs is very minimal.
  • An LED bulb lasts for about 40 times greater than an incandescent bulb.
  • The energy used by LED bulbs is minimal as 90% of the energy used by LED light is transformed into actual light, while only 10% of the light is used in case of incandescent light.
  • AND you can recoup up to 85% of your fittings/project costs through government rebates

Savings in simple terms

If you are hiring maintenance personnel to change a light bulb in a commercial workspace, the average expense would amount to about $110.

For instance, if you use a light in a space for about 10 hours a day, an incandescent bulb works for a maximum of 150 days. In case of a Green Lighting Corp LED, the bulb lasts for nearly 2,500 days under the same conditions.

That extra longevity would amount to a saving of around 6 years on the $110 you pay every 6 months, which is about $8,000 without adding savings on the energy bill by using the LED.

Can you imagine how much you might save over time with the quantity of lighting outputs inside, around and outside your building?

Save your environment with LED lighting

In addition to saving on energy and maintenance bills, you also get to save your surroundings. With less energy consumption, there is less demand for the production of power. This minimises greenhouse gas production remarkably, thus giving your organisation the opportunity to report better outcomes on its triple bottom line.

Take a Futuristic and Green Step Forward

By using Green Lighting Corp LED lighting, you are taking a futuristic approach to smarter technology that is safer and beneficial globally. And, you get to do your part for the environment without spending too much.

Are you interested in switching over to Green Lighting Corp LED lighting solutions for your commercial, industrial or residential build spaces?

Contact us now to learn how best to plan for your savings. You can get in touch on 1300 412 270 or fill in the form below to make an enquiry.

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