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Managing a commercial workspace is not just about keeping those larger operating costs under control. The minor issues that crop up routinely are often to blame for the overhead blowouts in a commercial set up.

Spending frequent amounts on using non-efficient incandescent bulbs also contributes to part of the high overheads you experience in your commercial spaces. Green Lighting Corp can help you fix this gap in energy efficiency.

Below is an example of how easily Green Lighting Corp can provide you with an energy efficient solution for your properties.

A shopping centre of 400,000 square meters needs about 1,075 incandescent bulbs of 60-watt capacity. If the lights run for about 10 hours per day in 6 months, the centre will need 6,045 fresh bulbs more or less.

However, if the building switches over to a Green Lighting Corp LED lighting system, it can save a huge amount of money in terms of its maintenance costs and tenants costs for energy bills are also likely to decrease considerably.

An additional perk is having the latest technological lighting system that gives the commercial space a competitive edge over others.

In the case of Green Lighting Corp LEDs, you have endless designs and combinations to choose from that can clearly set your commercial or group retail spaces apart from others. You might even find that Green Lighting Corp LEDs allow you can delamp in some areas to cut back on excessive illumination.

Retail property – make yours stand out

Let’s not forget, shoppers like to shop in bright, well-lit environments, and staff are likely to be more productive in environments where there is better lighting.

Therefore you need to consider lighting a major part of your sales and marketing strategy for your retail space. With attractively lit spaces, with more cost effective lighting maintenance and the promise of better energy efficiencies that result in lower energy bills, the more likely the space will appeal to retail business owners.

In a conventional setup, you can light up your space with tube lights or downlights or combine both based on the space and effect you wish to create.

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Creating better ambience, appeal and increased visibility

To make a commercial space more visible, it is normal to set up downlights near exits and entryways. This strategy helps create a welcoming atmosphere.

With LED lighting, you can intensify the effect with the various LED designs. Moreover LED lights mimic natural light more effectively when compared to the fluorescent and dull effect of conventional incandescent lighting systems.

For spaces that boast high ceilings, you might consider high bay lights. Green Lighting Corp LEDs create a more focused beam of high intensity light than down lights or tube lights.

Green Lighting Corp’s LED high bay lights are designed to create maximum visibility within a space. The light is omnidirectional, focusing on the appropriate space that you want to be lit.

This prevents glare of stray light bouncing off reflective or coloured surfaces. You can be assured of an increase in productivity and worker accuracy in commercial and industrial spaces. Further, the bulbs last for a longer duration than halogen or incandescent lights – thus reducing your replacement and maintenance costs.

Green Lighting Corp’s LED high bay lights are ideal for spaces that have a ceiling of 7 metres or more.

Large open plan rooms, like gyms and other commercial building entry foyers, can also achieve better lighting outcomes with the use of Green Lighting Corp’s high bay LEDs.

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If you’re developing a  new commercial or industrial space or considering retrofitting  an existing commercial or industrial space, you’ll want to get in touch to run through both the lighting design options available for your space and a forecast of the savings you’re likely to achieve – both in real terms and for the environment. 

You can get in touch on 1300 412 270 or fill in the form below so we can tailor a lighting solution for you.

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